About Us

Hillmann Baking Supply

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900 Wigwam Pkwy
Henderson, NV US

Hillmann Baking Supply, previously known as Nevada Cake Supply, is a family business that believes in putting our customers as top priority through honesty and integrity. We strive hard to provide the best products and customer service so that you and your family can enjoy baking the world's sweetest memories.

How we started:
Our founder, Beverly Mann, started out as a cake decorating teacher.  In pursuit of adding to her personal collection of specialty cake pans, the ones she wanted were often times sold within a group; this resulted in the re-selling of those that didn't apply to her collection. Later on, as she came across baking stores that were closing, she was able to buy the remaining stock. E-greatdeals then became the name of her eBay store, which eventually led to the starting of our business. We soon became distributors for a couple major companies and now sell thousands of products, continually adding more.

As the years went on, Beverly retired and handed the reigns over to her daughter, Holly Hill. As this new chapter in the business began, so did a new name- Hillmann Baking Supply.