Skeleton Body Parts Halloween Cookie Cutters

Skeleton Body Parts Halloween Cookie Cutters

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Eat, drink and be scary with spooky skeleton cookies—they're easy to conjure up with clever plastic cutters in the shapes of four different body parts. When you've baked all your bony pieces, arrange them any way you like to create spine-tingling skeletons in your favorite poses.

Set includes four cutters for making skeleton body parts: skull, ribcage, pelvis and a bone (for the arms and legs).

Use the different shapes to cut dough into body parts.

Flip the cutters over to imprint each cut-out piece with lines that add detailing—and show you exactly where to place decorative icings or sugars.

Arrange the finished cookies to create a variety of spine-tingling skeleton silhouettes.

Cutters are approx. 2 1/4" to 3 1/2" long.

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